A manipulation tactic by political parties.
A favorite tool of fascism and communism.
Unchecked, the precursor to civil war.


Hatism is a highly motivated, maniacal like desire to punish and ostracize a group or individuals purely on philosophical differences stemming primarily from a set of political beliefs. It differs from traditional racism because the targets include individuals from difference ethnicities.

Hatists not only promulgate their beliefs within their close social circles but utilize traditional and social media to seemingly blame all problems, crises, issues and even environmental disasters as the fault of their target victims. This then reinforces and provides a constant feedback to fuel their hatred as it in essence provides proof and rationalization for their hatred even though it is a false accusation contrived by them and others like them.

Full blown Hatists are so extremely and emotionally obsessed that they could be described as deranged as logical argumentation with them is ineffective and appeals to find commonality with their victims is unconscionable. Anyone that tries to appeal to them even those close to them with a similar background to their own will instantly be verbally attacked by the Hatist. This Hatist who now in a confused, paranoia type derangement now feels that this person has joined their victims and is now their enemy too.

Although only a difference in political beliefs separates them, Hatists become so emotionally angry and filled with such hate towards their victims that they desire physical harm and even death for them. They use angry hate filled, vitriolic speech that in many cases promotes violence against or even the eradication of their victim targets from society. Hatists are extremely dangerous as they perceive their victims as truly their enemies. They then can rationalize and justify whatever mistreatment they desire for these enemies.

Hatism is the root of dividing a common people into enemies. If enough Hatists group together and
influence a segment of the population undeterred, it can quickly escalate tensions to bring about violent conflict including civil war.


Working solutions are tentative as the will of those to change must come from within them which is difficult. Hatists are so deranged that they fully believe they are 100% right and the other side
completely wrong. They often make comments that if only the other side would see this and admit
they are wrong we could get along. They will even go so far as to say we need to put the other side in “re-education camps” or we need to take their children away to save future generations from being like them or of fates even worse. They say these statements without even the slightest hesitation or perception of how purely evil what they said would sound to an impartial observer.
It is best if enough people work at providing multiple methods to create the potential of open minds.

  • It is imperative that those who at least in part can agree with political belief system of these Hatists to form a basis of communication to try and create a bridge back to sanity.
  • Promote ways to find calm and work toward a realistic solution to whatever the problems that have enraged them so.
  • For the safety and well being of all members of the society, Hatism must be denounced by everyone.
  • Members of the community cannot sit by and not speak up. It must be heard that Hate speech towards political enemies is not acceptable.
  • Everyone within that society must find that they have more in common than divides them. Start good lists of everything both sides do agree and the cultural values they share. Trust and know that the number of items on the good list far outnumber the few on the bad list.
  • The last one here is the most important. Pronounced Hatism is usually implemented and constantly fed by a powerful political entity to divide and control the people within that country. Their purpose to create chaos, confusion, fear and then take over complete control. Everyone should identify this common enemy that is turning neighbor against neighbor and find unification in rooting out their common oppressor. Once there in that place, they all may begin to see clearly that they have both been played in an evil game of manipulation.