Involuntary Servitude – It’s time for a debate and resolution.

Involuntary Servitude – It’s Time For a Debate and Resolution.


Slavery light? We have all heard terms ranging from sharecropper to serfdom that implies an unfair relationship to labor that disproportionately favors the master to a higher percentage of the “take, the profit or the income generated”. Seldom though is it discussed when is the relationship fair and at what point does it become unfair? As corporate fascism takes root and with it the control of government, we now see again the rise of servitude that grows quickly. Americans of freedom that once had a government that served them are now faced with a government that has become their master in which they are beholden. Steadily the once healthy middle working class devolves into a class of working poor sold by manipulation into servitude by corporate fascism.


In America, individuals not only had the freedom to choose where they work but in what capacity and what form of service, they exchange their labor, abilities and intelligence. So unlike serfs of the middle ages limited in travel to a primarily agrarian economy, they had multitudes of choices and opportunities and thereby could choose and avail to a job of their choosing.

However, an aspect of modern American life has been the deterioration of how much income the working class gets to retain not from their employer but rather societal government itself. Since the deceptive passage of the Sixteenth amendment in 1913, steady erosion of share of retention of income has occurred. Politically Promised in 1913 with its passage, taxation would initially only apply to the wealthy with a tax rate of 2% over income of $800 ($21,000 in 2020 dollars). Yet it has steadily increased to where now the working class primarily supports the bulk of taxation with a significant proportion of their income taken. Taken directly but even more by deception with hidden employment taxes, fees, licenses and mandates based on their employment. This drives up costs of employment resulting in reduced wages to the employee while supporting translocation of production out of country.

Employment is now primarily service employment of distribution and hospitality. The working class has been forced to accept declining real wages while at the same time facing increased taxation.

So, it is long past time to have that debate of at what point is the line crossed that a person is no longer free but rather an indentured servant to government? Very much like former kings to slave masters, the government now is ever promising to “take care” of their serfs with promises of universal health care to a basic monthly allowance to “good children” citizens. All in exchange for a highly disproportionate amount of the citizen serfs earned income and confiscation of their property.

So, when does a person no longer remain free? It seems intuitive to human nature that a universally accepted tipping point is of half way. Once something exceeds a mid-point it begins to tip in the other direction. Apply this to income sharing and anything over half becomes decidedly unfair. Then following this logically that once more than half of a person’s income is involuntarily taken away that they are no longer free individuals but rather serfs serving a master. A master that is unaccountable and spends without accountability and a master that no longer allows the people to reform it. A master that has begun engaging into slavery light of its citizens does not portend well for the future. It’s time to quickly have this debate and take action to reform and reign in the corporate fascist government turned master and revive a government of service to and for the public.


As the advanced nation in the world for establishing freedom and rights of people, let us establish a threshold and line that cannot be crossed that defines servitude and thereby slavery to one’s own government. Let us not only establish this for America but as a principle for the world.

Let us establish the very limit that one’s government may take from them be no more than half of their income and that their right to property must be respected and maintained. Let us implement all necessary reforms to bring this about including Equal Tax Amendment, Truth in Taxation Reporting and move to family based health care and away from corporate based healthcare.

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