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What is a progressive government?

The shapes of government

Fascism, Monarchy, Capitalism, Democrat Socialism, Communism—the forms of government seem to go on and on. There is no shortage of theories on how to structure the government and the economy.  The differences are often minor, and sometimes are in name only. 

Let’s look at a visual representation of the government/economic shapes and structures. We can compare these forms and determine the next improvement or desired shape that would be an advancement for Americans of Freedom.



  • • Basic tribal-like structure; highly concentrated power with authority over people
  • • People work for the collective
  • • No rights for people
  • • No property rights for lower sub-equal class


  • • Tight and absolute control by ruler(s)
  • • Means of production are owned by the government
  • • People, like cattle, are treated the same and equal to each other, but ruled by masters
  • • Economically disastrous as no incentive exists to produce


  • • Monarchy-like structure with royalty class the ultimate authority
  • • Court of sub-leaders for government and military that carry out commands of the rulers
  • • No due process protection for people
  • • Limited property rights for the lower class; property can be taken on demand by the government


  • • Dictator (or very narrow group) with totalitarian control
  • • Centralized federal control of the majority of government and economic policy, rule by executive orders
  • • Totalitarian government can imprison people without trial
  • • Economic growth will occur for those favored by rulers


  • • The ultra-wealthy control the government and have authoritarian control over the people
  • • Excessive regulations criminalize people for non- offenses to others; double standards apply to ruling class and common people
  • • Regressive taxation diminishes the wealth of common people
  • • Diminished property ownership by common people; tax policies encourage wealth transfer to the ruling class


  • • Representatives (aka political uni-party) are selected, funded and accountable to the ultra-wealthy ruling class
  • • Ruling class has control of the courts and judges
  • • Hollowed-out middle leaves a two class system of the ruling class and the lower class
  • • Upper class continues to narrow over time by pushing people down into the lower class like sand through the hourglass


  • • A democratic republic with a balance of powers to prevent authoritarian control, accountable to people by representatives
  • • Capitalism is regulated to create a fair playing field; unfair competition by monopolies is curtailed
  • • Due process protects the legal rights of citizens
  • • Taxation is progressive but allocated among the citizens
  • • Lower class capitalism increases ownership of property by common people


  • • Representatives are selected by the people through an unbiased election process
  • • Active political parties reach effective solutions through debate and vetting of ideas and people’s best interests
  • • Non-biased judicial system provide fair trials
  • • Capitalism encourages start ups and small business activity with limited government that balances regulations to protect people but allows success


  • • Advancing balanced government/economic structure by giving more power to the people
  • • States are empowered to regulate businesses, media and mitigate monopolies and unfair trade practices
  • • High accountability; reporting by government to people
  • • Equalized taxation with a floor allows wealth accumulation of people while controlling wealth of upper class
  • • Enhanced ownership of property by common people


  • • Diminished federal control by expansion of Tenth Amendments to states
  • • Transfer all control of labor, education and healthcare to the states
  • • People’s bills are dominant to amend and shape government regulations and spending
  • • Constitutional tax policy prevents political favoritism
  • • Highly fluid classes allow people to easily advance based on what they do and not who they know
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