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our purpose

Our goal is to unite and rebuild America’s institutions of government that have been co-opted, misused and politicized against the people they are to serve.

We will restore our government and recreate its intended role of serving "for the people", so that decisions and intentions are of the people, and brought about by the people through their duly elected representatives.

The majority of Americans have grown tired of politics and power struggles and want real common-sense solutions. We provide a platform to restore America to greatness as judged by ourselves, the people. Greatness is not be defined by a country’s financial or military strength but by its way of life, its freedoms and its respect for order and fundamental rights for all.

Our purpose is to develop and implement solutions and restore individual rights through legislative actions by the people and obtain results that the existing political parties do not.

proposed solutions have a common set of guiding principles:

New and practical offerings to solve our problems that are developed by everyday people that use common sense to drive them. The existing norm is entrenched political parties that lack anything to offer, or deceptively expend large sums of money along with volumes of rhetoric on the problem but accomplish little.  We will replace this with real-world actions and protocols.

The political power game has been to divide the country into two politicized camps.  We counter the continued polarization of our country through implementation of broad-based appealing solutions that are readily agreed upon by the majority of the country’s center-based population. This is something that cannot be done from a far left or far right position.

We work toward ending the economic polarization of our country that bestows great wealth on the few at the top and creates financial dependence for the bottom while simultaneously hollowing out the middle class. Through the last several decades we have witnessed the steady erosion of the stable, debt-free middle class. There are low paying jobs on one end while on the other is the extreme wealth of the privileged few.  

We the people can and will restore a vibrant and economically healthy middle working class.

Government has become a financial burden and a hindrance to the American people.

For too long we’ve heard about how they need to raise additional taxes so they can fund a new (supposed) solution. However, no one ever questions how well they are spending the enormous amounts of tax revenue they already collect. We do not need to raise more taxes but rather better manage the money to accomplish the desired results.   

Providing baseline spending comparisons through accountability reporting just as any business would do will establish a “Return on Taxes” metric to judge how well elected officials manage programs to accomplish the desired benefits. What better way to gauge the reelection of an incumbent than to evaluate their effectiveness as a manager to their constituents?

Additionally, we ask the people to evaluate and implement action to remove redundant layers of government programs along with unnecessary or obsolete programs that do not serve a viable service for the good of the people.

The power hungry have turned American institutions into a fear-based Government that no longer serves the people but rather terrorizes its people for their control and financial gain.  We will steadily clarify the fundamental rights of the people and to restore them back to the people.


Real world solutions by everyday people

Discuss and compare new and practical offerings to solve our problems developed by everyday people that use common sense to drive them.


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