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Word War III

The most devastating war that humans have ever experienced. Is upon us.

Many envisioned that World War III would most likely be one fought ending in nuclear Armageddon culminating in the destruction of the planet and even throwing our world into nuclear winter hell that would freeze and kill off the majority of organisms.

Not that this still can’t happen, but this current war is being fought with a different, more sinister tool. This war has come about due to the full development of the most powerful weapon ever used against people. Plied against the innocent victims and defenders in its path, millions of people are rendered helpless and unable to fight back. This weapon turns those in its path into zombified soldiers that then fight against their own, which increases its effect and impact. Borderless, this weapon is being used not just against nations but worldwide.

You see, this war isn’t being waged by one country against another but rather by an evil group of psychopaths against the people of earth. Seeking absolute dominion, this group wishes to rule the planet and have developed and refined this weapon for their use. As psychopaths, they show no mercy and no moral code to prevent them and will let nothing interfere with their plans.

The mass media do not exist to tell you the truth about the world, they exist to manufacture consent for the agendas of the ruling class.

— Caitlin johnstone,

The United States of America, who arguably has the most powerful military in the world is being badly defeated in this war. Losses are mounting and growing daily. If America is unable to find a way to stop the advance and find a way to defend against this weapon, it will soon fall. If that occurs and the United States of America falls, the rest of the countries around the world will then quickly follow into oblivion.

There is only one small glimmer of hope that can save the people of the world to neutralize this weapon. The key is that people must unite together against this common enemy. In order for that to happen, they must develop the ability to “see” and with that vision begin to take back control of their minds.

Make fighting mass-scale psychological manipulation your foremost priority. Awaken people to the fact that they are being manipulated, because manipulation only works when you don’t know it’s happening.

— caitlin johnstone,

It seems unlikely, but if humans can transgress the power of mind control, we can all begin to stop the zombified infighting with each other and ally to destroy the machinery of this weapon. We can do it if we all work together. We must defeat the most powerful weapon ever invented and used against the people of earth, the Propaganda Machine.

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