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Its People Time – Time to end the daylight savings mind game

God created time, humans learned to mark it and government fascists took control of it.

Why is it so important for the fascists to control the appearance of time?

All abusers know how key it is to get their victims to follow their rules. Getting their victims to follow even simple requirements that are nonsensical better allows the steady drip of manipulative mastery. If you can get people to follow seemingly unimportant, yet illogical commands, then the more likely you can manipulate them later to follow more important commands that have grave importance.

How do we know it is so important to them?

Follow their actions. Observe how absolute they are about not relinquishing control of this semi-annual command to move the clocks an hour at the bequest of the rulers. Every abuser knows how important to never, never relinquish an area of control once it is established otherwise the illusion of their mastery starts to come into question. Instead, they know to double down on their gas lighting lies to maintain the control. The majority of the population wants the time change to stop, countless articles are written every year about how nonsensical it is, employers know the loss in productivity due to the sleep disruption, and even studies showing a rise in accidents and death due to the semi-annual ritual is not enough to make them stop.

The rulers have even demonstrated their power over time to adjust what time of year the time change occurs yet seem powerless to end it. Is it important to them to maintain absolute control? Absolutely.


Just as important it is to them; it is even more important for the people to reclaim time and get back control over their lives. People cannot break free from their abusers by simply walking back or resisting the big items without also and equally ensuring they take back total control of the little things. When people begin to realize the change in seasonal light, they not only begin to reaffirm their connection to a higher being while also begin to show contempt for their control freak government. When people realize that is they who can alter their schedules accordingly, they work with the school if they wish to have delayed starts for a period of time. Whatever it is, the people are autonomous and can control time in their lives.

How to do it is to begin passing legislation in each state to amend the constitution to take back time. Legislation can be passed that is conditional on the other states in their time zone based on their passage and adoption of the same amendment. Once two thirds of the states adopt it, the constitution can be amended to allow the people to adopt daylight saving as their official time year-round. It is then the responsibility of their government to implement the peoples wishes.


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